9 awesome Trinity Knot tattoo designs with pictures

Are you looking for tattoos that can bring out your deeper side? Three button tattoo design is something to complete your search. The three-knot knot has an important role in Ancient Celtic culture, illustrating the depiction of the Great Mother. The design of the three button tattoo basically represents the attachment of the mother from the father to … Read more

9 Tribal Back Tattoos For Men With Best Ideas And Designs

Back tattoos are of prime importance when it comes to tribal tattoo designs. They look glamorous and make a bold statement among your peers. A man’s body is like a canvas and the back is considered the most obvious part of this canvas, so why not decorate it with something you feel very close to? Most people choose … Read more

9 extremely creative jewelry tattoos with pictures

Jewelry symbolizes glitz, sparkle, fame, royalty and wealth. The sparkling and unmatched beauty of gems can make anyone hold their breath. For the same reason, tattoo arts need to adapt this majestic subject as their subject. Jewelry can come in hundreds of different types and forms. Stylish and best jewelry tattoos for women and men: Here are the … Read more

Top 9 funny pig tattoos with pictures

Pig tattoos are hardly unheard of. But people have them and there are so many designs that one can make a pig tattoo. Small, big, scary, cute, etc. they can be. They can also be made anywhere and can be bent. The most stylish and beautiful pig tattoo: Let’s see different styles of pig tattoo designs for girls … Read more

9 best laser tattoo removal treatments

Tattoos that were considered permanent can now be completely or partially removed through various treatments. However, it can be easily removed while making tattoo with ease. It is not only hard work but also a very painful procedure and in many cases causes visible scarring and discoloration. The different methods involved in tattoo removal are surgical excision, dermabrasion, … Read more

Top 9 dog tattoo designs and images

Many people like to sport their dog tattoo or their pet’s paw print or their pet’s character drawing. If you have a pet or you like these styles and find them quite appealing, you can try something similar. However, if you want to have something made to order and get something quite creative and artistic, you have … Read more

Top 9 hair tattoo designs and images

Nowadays, people tend to have tattoos on almost every part of their body. The trend is due to the style of head or hair created when you shave some hair and then apply ink in that spot. You can easily cover them and keep your hair underneath or just stretch them out to cover. You can also hold … Read more

9 Beautiful Watercolor Tattoo Ideas And Designs

Let’s take a look at the top 9 different watercolor tattoo designs. 1. Swinging Watercolor Tattoo Design: This is a beautiful watercolor tattoo design that is left on the hand in a semicircle that gives brilliance to the wearer’s hands. The style, in which colors stand out and harmonize, is full of creativity and his masterpiece … Read more

Top 9 cool Panda tattoos

Getting a tattoo can be fun and especially a panda tattoo. Pandas are rare and cute creatures loved by everyone. There are different designs of already cute panda tattoos. The most beautiful and cute panda tattoos for men and women: If you are intending to have a panda tattoo design, then these ideas can be helpful. 1. … Read more

9 Scary Death Tattoos With Pictures

Tattoos are considered as a way for a person to artistically express love or other emotions. Death tattoos are symbolic tattoos that mark the beginning or end of a journey in your life. Tattoos can be created with a dark side or something that represents love and life overcoming death. Scary death tattoos for women and men: … Read more