Top 30 Best Bicycle Tattoos

Minimalist bike tattoos deliver what they promise: a clean and very personal way of getting around, from models with baskets and flowers to mountain bikes and hidden little tattoos that look great.

Very simple bike tattoo

In this article we will briefly talk about the possible meanings of these tattoos, plus give you lots of different ideas so you can get inspired and find designs you love. his likes. And if you want more, we recommend another article on bicycle tattoos for a rolling life.

Top meaningful bike tattoos

Bike tattoo in a circle

Their bicycle tattoos have many different meanings, the tattoo that defines you the most will depend on you and the factors that go with that tattoo.

The heart adds color to this tattoo

First of all, bicycles, as seen, show the love you have for this transportation system. Whether it’s your primary mode of transportation, because it’s your way of life, your hobby, or because you think it defines your fight against climate change, bicycles are a symbol of love. Yours is for two cakes.

Bicycle tattoo with star craft

In addition, bicycles also carry a very strong idea of ​​freedom. Maybe because they were liberally capitalized when we were kids and we learned to ride bikes, these bikes are examples of our first moments of independence, a positive step towards Maturity can be best expressed in a tattoo.

Bicycle tattoo on thigh needs bigger design

Finally, a bicycle can also represent your love and desire for adventure. Especially if you combine it with the landscape (Even if the minimalist, simplified and miniaturized landscape can be overwhelming), the bicycle is a way to explore the world while fully immersing in it. .

Minimalist bike tattoo ideas

The tattoo is quite detailed and classic

There are many ideas that you can get inspired by a bike tattoo that is minimalistic yet conveys all the beautiful meanings we have just talked about. For example:

Simple bicycle tattoo images

Simple bicycle tattoo on leg

A pretty cool tattoo on a minimalist bike is the one that represents this mode of movement on the leg, a place especially associated with the practice of this sport, because thanks to the strength of our legs, we push itself when moving. a bike. Depending on where we put our feet, the bike can be more or less detailed.

Bicycle tattoo on wrist

Exquisite bicycle tattoo on wrist

Another really cool place to put a bike is the wrist. Undoubtedly, due to the narrow location and close proximity to the bone, it would require a design as simple as possible, and even the color should be removed to accentuate the vehicle without sacrificing design strength. its design.

Bicycle tattoo

The word "bicycle" is a simple and original tattoo

Bicycle tattoos could hardly be simpler with this lettering tattoo. Without a doubt, this is the most original way to show your love for this transport. Plus, it’s a lot more flexible than it looks, as it allows you to choose the size (large is as good as small) and the font of the letter, which will depend on what you want to convey. load.

Bicycle tattoo in the country

Match your bike to the country to remember a special ride

This tattoo is ideal for those who have traveled or passed through a country or place and want it imprinted on their skin. Moreover, it is suitable for a very simple design where there is only one contour of the bike and the country or region in question. If you like you can combine with a little color.

Pictures of bicycles with heart wheels

Cycling with heart wheels

There is no better way to show your love for this transportation system than to combine it with a kind heart. In this case, you have a lot of possibilities, such as surrounding the bike with hearts, placing little red hearts around it or even making the wheel a heart, as shown in the picture. .

Bike chain tattoo

Bicycle chains, an original way to show your love to them

Aside from the wheels and chassis, one of the most recognizable elements of a bicycle is the chain. Enemies with pants (I broke a couple of them that got stuck in a leash, never mind they got dirty), Chains not only look great as a simple tattoo, but are more unique and have Extremely flexible shape.

Bicycle tattoo on thigh

Bike tattoo with pocket on thigh

And we’ve finished a place to put the bike tattoo, though you’ll need a larger, less plain design. Due to the slightly horizontal shape, the bike fits this part of the body perfectly, although, as we said, it should be a bit bulky. So if you choose to have a bike tattooed on your lap, a more detailed and even more realistic design can be overwhelming, and again, the black and white color options are more appropriate. color , should only leave the very specific details .

Big wheel bike tattoo

Simple tattoo with an old bike

The good thing about minimalist bike tattoos is that, because they’re small, they fit almost anywhere on the body. So while it’s not recommended for places with lots of skin where they can get “lost”, it’s a design that looks great on other body parts that help frame naturally, like wrist, arm, ankle, neck. , behind the ears, feet, hands…

Arms frame the bike naturally

The trick to keeping it simple and not too stiff is to keep the lines and design clean. Likewise, the description must be clear, smooth, besides that the colors are not too colorful but just black and white or at most the tones that beautify the work.

Very simple bike tattoo

A minimalist bike tattoo realizes many different looks, all of which have their own chic touch and look great. Tell us, do you have a tattoo based on this vehicle? Where did you pick it up? What does it mean to you?

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