9 awesome Trinity Knot tattoo designs with pictures

Are you looking for tattoos that can bring out your deeper side? Three button tattoo design is something to complete your search. The three-knot knot has an important role in Ancient Celtic culture, illustrating the depiction of the Great Mother. The design of the three button tattoo basically represents the attachment of the mother from the father to the child.

Best Trinity Knot tattoo designs with pictures:

Here are some special designs of trinity button tattoos that can help you to choose. These are the best link tattoos ever.

1. Chain of three buttons:




The Celtic knot offers a unique design when created with the help of a trinity tattoo chain. The pattern is made in black with gray showing strong binding. Curved necklaces add charm to the tattoo.

2. Triquetra Button Tattoo:




I want to ink a little bit of the button tattoo! Here is a triquetra knot tattoo pattern that includes both the knot and the triangle inside. The tattoo is also surrounded by gray patches that create circular movements.

3. Family tattoo:




I want to show love to your family! Celtic trinity knot tattoo with heart design in the middle will surely give you the desired result. The tattoo also includes a ribbon labeled family forever.

4. Interlocking circles tattoo




The Celtic three knot knot tattoo design that is connected with each other is mainly interpreted by peace lovers. Tattoo design can be easily applied to legs, hands, forearms, neckline, etc. It can be continued. If you want to try a unique tattoo design then you can choose it.

5. Western Irish Tattoo:




An Irish trinity knot tattoo offers the most trendy design when it comes to modern touches. The tattoo is done with dark ink surrounded by small black lines to create a floating look. Four flashing dots are added to the finishing curves to add a touch of artistry to the tattoo.

6. Chinese tattoo:




Colorful Celtic Button Tattoo Designs will enhance the meaning of the tattoo when given a focused letter. Beautiful tattoos symbolize peace, harmony and love, an important pillar in everyone’s life.

7. Fancy Tattoos:




Fancy tattoos are mostly associated with your personality with a royal touch. The tattoo design here is made in shades of black and gray, where the knot in the middle is surrounded by a shield like designs signifying protection from evil.

8. Personal tattoos:




With three button tattoo designs, personalized tattoos liven up the feelings one shares for one’s family. Tattoos include the names of family, friends, children, etc. who have a strong connection with each other. It may contain. If you are planning a different path, create a design like this for your tattoo pattern.

9. Butterfly Tattoo:




Butterflies provide freedom, wisdom, loyalty, and more. When Celtic knots are combined with trinity tattoos, they enhance the symbolism they both have. The raw button is given a 3D look with butterflies around.

The three-button Celtic tattoo also enriches the connection between land, water and nature, wind is the basis of the formation of the universe. Other Celtic knot designs include the Om sign, magic eye, double infinity tattoo, yin and yang tattoo, and many more. You may confuse it with your friends, because this design has a difficult meaning, your lover will also not be quick to guess. Get some unique designs from qualified tattoo artists, they’ll be sure to update you with their new collection of tattoo styles trinity knows.