15 most beautiful lotus tattoo designs and their meanings

The lotus is very important in Asian traditions. Lotus tattoo designs are quite popular and sought after by many people. It stands for symbolism and hides a deeper meaning. Lotus tattoos can be printed for both men and women and the tattoo looks good on any part of the body. Lotus tattoo represents struggle, change and growth in life. It also has a lot of spiritual meaning. Lotus tattoo designs are often accompanied by koi fish tattoos.

As an important symbol, the lotus has been used to symbolize purity, a new beginning and new hope for life, longevity, endurance and divine beauty. As a lotus tattoo lover, you can get many designs as they are not only beautiful but also meaningful. Due to its importance, it is best placed in many cultures and has been painted thousands of times.




The lotus flower has become a symbol of many things. Here you will be guarded by a verbose entrance that will go straight to the tattoos. It will bring you a ravishing collection of lotus tattoos that you will surely love. Start right now.

Super cool lotus tattoo with images:

The most attractive lotus tattoo designs for men and women with images and meanings. You can get the best here.

1. Hindu lotus tattoo:




Lotus Tattoo is designed with eye-catching elegant colors with shades of Ohm symbol representing the religious culture of the Hindu people. In fact, it was designed with the implied 8 petals and decorated with purple-pink ink. When looking at these designs, it feels better than others. It deeply appeals to spiritual concepts that are truly characterized by the love of God.

2. Lotus Skull Tattoo with Winged Chest:




The lotus tattoo, which is a pink flower, usually resurrects skulls and wings from the dead. Something seemed to be growing on top of something else that had died, and it looked like atonement. The skull used in this tattoo was rediscovered because it was made in vibrant colors. Whatever design matches the tattoo design with the image of the skull, it will be unique in a way that makes others marvel at it.

3. Lotus Koi Tattoo Designs:




Here is the classic lotus tattoo next to the koi fish. This is a very popular design in Japan and China. Instead of using blue, you can use black and contrast it with another color. Enlarging this design runs the risk of looking plain and ugly. It is recommended to use thin lines and keep the size small. This is one of the most popular lotus tattoo designs for women.

4. Double Lotus Tattoo Design With Fish:




Here is another popular design with two koi fish and a good painted background. The color combination that completes the subject and the foreground adds depth to the tattoo and the composition also looks full. You can change all the colors according to your skin tone and wherever you want. Such intricate lotus tattoos are becoming more and more popular.

5. Attractive Lotus Tattoos:




These are some of the geometric lotus designs that are in high demand. Growing them and painting them with bright colors will make them look bright and definitely attractive. To add meaning to your tattoo and keep the lines bold, try choosing colors that define them. You can do this because they are geometric patterns and allow such changes.

6. Lotus Hand Tattoo Design:




You can also choose the classic colored lotus flat effect tattoo. It is very simple and clean. You can add depth by shading your tattoo and using more tones. Highlight it using a thin black border and the design is also flexible where you want to place it. This cute lotus tattoo design will look good anywhere but is very attractive, especially on the hands.

7. Lotus Tattoo Design Cartoon Style:




This motion tattoo is great for your arms and belly. Add more buds and leaves to this simple design and you will have a very creative work of art carved on your body. Highlight it with light tones in the background. This will banish the boring look. You can also add more detail and extend it to the side without obscuring its view.

8. Small Lotus Tattoo On Legs:




These toenail tattoos are very attractive and also easy to wear. Most of the girls love to flaunt this beautiful lotus tattoo on any part of the body. It’s very classic and cute at the same time. Here in this picture, the little lotus flower is beautifully tattooed on the ankle.

9. Lotus tattoo design on Lowe’s back:




This abstract tattoo is a must have on your belt! The design is beautiful and made to fit your back perfectly. Also, if you want, you can blow out the lines more and make the tattoo a little bigger and add some smaller details. Adding abstract leaves underneath will also add a certain amount of design to it.

10. Multi-colored lotus tattoo on leg:




This lotus flower tattoo is designed with colorful ink that will be more popular with girls than boys. It looks pretty cool among all the other lotus tattoo designs available. Tattoos with more creative colors will be a gorgeous color that attracts the eye. Lotus tattoo designs have been used a lot because of their impressive design in achieving royal supremacy.

11. Stomach lotus tattoo design:




Stomach lotus tattoo designs will be tattooed on the stomach. This type of lotus tattoo will be sexy because the lotus is dotted with a lot of ink in some decorative designs to decorate and look better than others. The petals of a lotus flower will look very elegant.

12. Lotus fish tattoo design:




This fish lotus tattoo will help each individual to rise up on their own. The tattoo that combines blue water and pink flowers highlights the koi fish used in this tattoo. The wallpaper of this tattoo is designed to feature a bright blue water and a gray fish along with a pink-blue lotus.

13. Finger lotus tattoo design:




Having such a small lotus on my finger is also truly unbelievable on a little finger. In fact, the precision used to import this image into a small space, using straight black lines, and simply is something truly amazing. If you are a person with bold tattoos, this tattoo style will be perfect.

14. Black Lotus Tattoo:




Unlike the colorful and reproduction image of the flower, this stylized tattoo is sure to attract attention and appreciation. Compact design and fine details are basic requirements for a good tattoo. It fulfills everything you need from it. Also, this design will look good anywhere you want to emphasize your body. Extending it out won’t affect its appearance, but make sure you don’t tighten it too much.

15. Elegant sacred lotus tattoo design:




As shown above, the sacred lotus tattoo design will once again be elegant in the tattoo and distinguishable as it has pale rose and yellow petals in the middle. This particular design comes from Asia and is best known around the world. In Chinese medicine and cooking, this lotus will be used mostly.

There are many lotus tattoo designs available and you can choose one that expresses your personality and emotions. Simply by wearing this tattoo, you can convey a message of strength, hope, and soul to remind the world that you never said you died to suffer.